What Love Means

My daughter Amy, age 6, is my guest blogger today, and she would like to share her thoughts on what love means.

DSCN0019My doll Laura wants to tell you about love.  Love means showing care to people.  Love means being a nice person.  Love means telling the truth.  Love means helping people when they feel bad.  The way my doll can show love is by always being near me.  And the way I can show love is by always being very, very nice to people.  I hope you like this blog, and I’m going to say goodbye now.  So remember, love is the best way to encourage people.  Love, Amy and my doll Laura

4 thoughts on “What Love Means

  1. Amy, we loved your post about love, and you are right in saying that the best way to show love is to be very nice to people! You , also, show love when you give people that bright smile of yours. Thank you for your special love to all of us.

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