Do You Remember?

Do you remember this feeling?


Or how about this one?


Find one reason today to feel like that again.

Some ideas to get you started if you’re feeling sleepy this morning:

…When you’re outside, and the mood hits you, twirl in the grass, or take your shoes off, or sing, or all of the above.

…When you take a walk, pretend you’re trekking to China with pirates chasing you, and who knows? there might be treasure along the way.  Keep an eye out!

…Get in the water and make a giant water suction bubble with your hands under the water.  Do it again.

…Pick up a pretty rock you see, and then look for another one.  Start a new rock collection just for the day.

…Pick a flower and really look at it and breathe deeply.  Spring is here!

Blessings to you, Lisa

5 thoughts on “Do You Remember?

  1. Great idea! Now the excuses begin. ” I don’t have a climbing tree.” I don’t have a bike.” “No pool.” And on and on. OK! But I do have imagination, plus determination and it is spring! I’ll take your advice and make this a day of new beginnings. (Now to get out of this chair.)

  2. You can trek to China and pretend that…pirates? are chasing you! Haha, how did you come up with that one? Good ideas though, I am heading outside as we speak to see what I can get into. 🙂

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