Creation Cries Out

“The beauty of the earth, the beauty of the sky


The order of the stars, the sun, the moon…


Their very loveliness is their confession of God.”

– Augustine

Look!  God is with you, where you are.  All the beautiful things around you are Him saying, “I’m here…I love you.”  🙂  Blessings, Lisa

*Moon/stars photo by NASA*

4 thoughts on “Creation Cries Out

    • Interesting thought…I tell you, after what happened in Russia the other day, you never know. But I am so glad to know that God does know the end, and the start of the rest of eternity. 🙂 Thanks for writing! Lisa

    • “Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall….but [God] goes on and on….” One of my favorite quotes. God’s got it, thank goodness. 🙂

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