Where the Streets Have No Name


If this cliffside pathway can be considered a street, then this one definitely has no name.  (except maybe Scary and Beautiful, altogether)  I put forth that it could be a street, as a street is a pathway, a way to journey or travel.  And as you see, my son definitely did travel and achieve his destination, along the rocky path on to the edge of Ireland.  May God bless your streets and pathways today with crossable rocks and journeys abundant!  🙂  Slainte, Lisa


* “Where the Streets Have No Name” c 1987 U2, Joshua Tree *

2 thoughts on “Where the Streets Have No Name

  1. Sometimes it seems as though my street is named “Confusion.” But, eventually God sorts it all out and there is a purpose after all. Thanks

    • I have also been on that street more than once. :/ But you are so right….isn’t it amazing looking back later and finally realizing what it was all about? And I think that sometimes, I won’t know the reasons for some streets ’til I’m with God one day. God is teaching me patience…a hard road for me. Thanks so much for writing, and have a blessed day! Lisa

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