What Makes a Home a Home?

For three weeks in Portmagee, this was our home.  It felt like home amazingly quickly; kids running around in the morning quiet on the wood floors, making breakfast in the wood-beamed kitchen, turning up the heat when the wind blew cold outside, sitting outside watching the neighboring cows munch away.

In Reencaheragh, Portmagee


In Virginia with Fritzi dog

Then we came home to Virginia, and that felt like home too.  The bumpy steep driveway that leads to the side door we always use, the tall ceilings, the comfortable bed that feels just right, the sight of the familiar trees outside the window, the happy piano waiting for me in the green room.

So what makes a home?  Love.   A home is where you love, where you receive love, where you feel safe, and where you feel you belong.  It’s being with people who care, pets that run to you when you come in the door, a sanctuary from life’s turbulence for awhile, a haven.

Wherever you call home today, embrace it and enjoy it.  Home is a gift.  Slainte, Lisa

9 thoughts on “What Makes a Home a Home?

  1. Yes! You’re so right. I tried to like this post (because I do 😀 ) BUT I cannot. My problem is not totally solved……
    Not feeling the love from WordPress 🙂 Guess it’s not home!!

    • I’m sorry about your like button not working…have you tried signing in again with your user name and password? Sometimes when I can’t do anything that seems to help…. Have a great day, Gay, now, and later….at home. 🙂

    • Thanks, Joshua! Can you not like it either? Gay can’t get her “like” button to work recently. Hmmm…a mystery in the making. 🙂

    • Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope your weekend is chilled and peaceful and full of wherever your home is. 🙂 Lisa

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