“As Kind As Summer”

Some of you know that I’m re-reading “The Hobbit” by Tolkien.  Bilbo and company have just left Rivendell, and are heading out past the Edge of the Wild.  A description of Elrond, the chief elf at Rivendell, struck me.  Tolkien said he was “as kind as summer.”  Sometimes words just hit you, and the way that they are ordered and phrased play around in your mind.

As kind as summer:

cooling breeze on a sweltering day

running outside without shoes and coats

splashing in an obliging ocean or pool

sipping a cool drink on a shady porch in a rocking chair

holding hands outside gazing at the stars

having time to lay back and just relax

greens and blues and yellow sun, white puffy clouds

picnics on blankets and looking for four-leaf clovers afterwards

a break from normal

As autumn is here, it’s kind of nice to look fondly back at the summer we had, and the summer we will look forward to returning.   Meanwhile, I’ll enjoy the changing colors, and kicking the leaves, and sipping on a warm tea.  Slainte, Lisa

….If you have any words to share about “kind summer”, please do.  🙂

5 thoughts on ““As Kind As Summer”

    • Now I’m humming that song….:) And I was wondering if there was an option to skip right from fall to spring? I’d be up for that! That big, big snowy winter 2 years ago has ruined me. haha

  1. I agree with what you wrote, but I also have another idea of what Tolkien may have meant by the description. When he said “Kind as summer”, I began to think of summer and the first words that immediately came to mind were not “Kind”. Summer, in my opinion, is hot and can sometimes be unforgiving with the sweltering heat and the massive storms that shake the heavens. Yet, other times, summer can be as you described: a cool breeze, relaxing, etc.
    I think that says a lot about Elrond, because in my opinion, he is not the most warm and loving elf in Middle Earth. He is strict and intense, but yet he gives hope when needed, just as the occasional breeze gives hope to the usual intense heat of the season.

    • Joshua,

      That’s good stuff….thank you so much for writing. I am going to name you a “guest blogger” one of these days. I agree with your observations on summer and Elrond. 🙂

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