Waiting for Mom

This face says it all.  I had been in this music store in Doolin for over an hour, drooling and looking and generally coveting all the wonderful whistles and music books contained within.  He tried to hang with me for a while, but his seven year old self finally took to the window in a sulk.  My husband captured this wonderful picture for posterity.  🙂

Aren’t pictures great?  They can take you back in time in one instant, just by seeing them.  And think of all the things we have yet to take pictures of, to experience, to delight in God’s stuff…what a wonderful life.  Thankful, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Waiting for Mom

    • Thanks! You can just see him working hard to be patient, poor guy! 🙂 And as you see by Ed taking the picture, he had given up the shopping as well. haha

    • And with the story, I’m back, instantly, feeling pretty much what I felt that day. Coming out and seeing that little face; saying “come on, let’s go for a walk” and he jumped down happy as a lark. Thanks for writing, Cathy; have an awesome Texas day! 🙂 (as if there’s any other)

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