Romantic Attachments and the Fortune Cookie

My husband and I were enjoying a quiet, kids-are-out-of-the-house dinner date at home.  Eating Chinese take-out, talking without interruptions, laughing at silly inside jokes, you get the picture.  Then we get to the “opening of the fortune cookie” ritual.  My slip of paper was of no consequence and is irrelevant to the post at hand.  Ed’s paper however, said the following:

“Don’t expect romantic attachments to be strictly logical or rational!”

My sweet husband held this small piece of paper up beside my face, read it out loud, looked at me, looked back at the paper, nodded, and said, “Yep, I can see that.”

I laughed indignantly, pretending to be insulted, but it was too funny to be.  Besides, I was strangely flattered to be considered illogical and irrational.  Don’t ask me why; it’s probably some side effect of being a musician.  🙂

Romance is wonderful, heady, lovely, and yes, sometimes illogical and irrational.  But marrying Ed was the most logical and rational thing I have ever done, and I’m glad that he romantically attached himself to me.

Slainte, Lisa


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