Stuck in the Gooey Gumdrops

So I played “Candy Land” with my 5 year old over the weekend.  And got stuck in the gooey gumdrops and the molasses swamp repeatedly.  Once you land on those dreaded black dots, you have to wait for the yellow card or the blue card to be drawn in order to move again.  So I continued to draw and wait, while my child laughed gleefully at my predicament and advanced towards winning.  (And she did win, twice in a row.  🙂  )

Later, I thought about how life is so much like that game sometimes.  We get stuck, or mired, or obsessed with some goal or object that we feel we have to obtain in order to move on.  And then we’re stuck in the gooey gumdrops.  Life continues to swirl on around us, while we’re just sitting and waiting and hoping for this thing that we think will make us happy.  When we finally draw the right card, it makes us happy, but usually only for a little while.  The only lasting thing that can make me happy long term and forever is Jesus.  He’s the only thing I need to get me out of the molasses swamp and into the abundant life that He longs for me to have.

Slainte, Lisa

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