Traveling Out and About

“The belt of Christ about me on my going out and on my coming in.”

“God be on your road every way you go.”

Irish Blessings

  My poor baby fell out of bed this morning around 4 AM.  She’s five, and recently insisted that she was big enough to sleep without the guard rail.  We agreed, but now my mother bear instincts are questionning this.  Her poor little nose took the brunt of it, but thankfully, she seems to be alright.

Letting go, letting your children grow and develop independence, is scary sometimes.  You want to protect them from all the bad things, the hurts, the wrong choices.  You want their life to have the happiest endings possible.  Yet they can never grow up successfully with that kind of hover parenting.  And that’s one of the amazing lessons of parenting…learning to trust God for the times when you can’t be there or shouldn’t be there.  Because He promises to protect, to guard, to do what is best for all of us.

“He protected us on our entire journey and among all the nations through which we traveled.”  (Joshua 24:17b)

Go with God, and know that He is with you today.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

2 thoughts on “Traveling Out and About

    • Great point, Gay…that reminds me of that song…something about “Roots and Wings”…love that! 🙂 Hope you are recooperating well….we have been praying!

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