Enough Blue to Make a Pair of Britches

Hard days….we all have them sometimes.  Yesterday was one of mine, and it happened to be a rainy, overcast day of all things.  I was driving, generally feeling sorry for myself, when I looked up at the sky and saw a small patch of blue emerging from the greyness.  I heard my dear Granddaddy’s voice, who has now passed on to Heaven, saying to me, “If you find enough blue to make a pair of britches, it’ll clear up.”  What a gift, what a lift I felt in my spirit.  That little patch of blue in the sky was God reminding me that what I see and feel will not last forever; that if we just hold on and keep hope and faith, things will turn around and the blue sky will come back.

The clouds can cover the sun and the sky, but they are still there.  The fog may lay on the ground for a little while, but it will lift.  Rain may come and water the earth, but it will pass.  Circumstances come and go, but God remains the same, forever.  And He will help the blue sky to come back.  And you will find enough to make a pair of britches.



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