Every Little Thing….

….is gonna be alright.  Sometimes my dreams of the night before put me into a fretful waking up feeling…has that ever happened to you?  So watching God’s beautiful ocean and listening to the sounds of the waves drowning out all other things is just the prescription.  Listen, pray, breathe, relax…every little thing is gonna be alright.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

Wave Upon the Shore

The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea.
– Vladimir Nabokov



Waves come and go; they crest high and then they crash onto the shore.  Yet I never grow tired of watching them, listening to their roar drown out my worrisome thoughts.  Waves help me hear God’s voice; in fact, I believe that God’s voice sounds a lot like the waves.  “…and His voice was like the sound of rushing waters.” (Revelation 1:15b)  Pretty awesome.  Have a blessed weekend, Lisa

Breathe Deep

Walking to the ocean, whipped by the wind and salt and mist.  The closer you get, the more you feel the resistance and push of the wind.  Crossing the top of the dune, you see the angry but beautiful waves.  Covered with sea foam and white caps, with no discernable rhythm to the waves.  Only sheer noise and crashing and power.  God’s power.  You hear Him again, telling you that He is in control, even of a seemingly uncontrollable ocean.  You breathe deeply, the way you’re only able to at the ocean.  The wind almost takes that breath away, but then you feel it.  Relief and peace and clarity.  This world is a gift from the One who loves you, but yet there is so much more than what you can see.  He has made more, and you will be there with Him one day, and that deep breath will go on and on and on.  Slainte, Lisa


Ireland’s AC

As I sit here contemplating the upcoming 104 degree day here in the States, I am remembering fondly the wind and the temperatures of Ireland.  Now for those of you in Ireland who have had your share of wind and rain this summer, you would probably switch with me right now.  However, this video I found on YouTube made me feel much cooler as I watched it and imagined myself standing on that cliff in Co. Donegal, feeling the bracing and cleansing wind.  Enjoy the wind and the waves and God’s amazing power.  Slainte, Lisa