In the Quiet

I found a few blessed moments of quiet yesterday afternoon on my front porch. (And can I just say that I would love to hug the inventor of front porches? 🙂 )

The things I saw in the quiet:

– Green, green everywhere. So many different shades, so many different shapes. The leaves seem to be riotously enjoying their greenness before the start of autumn.

-The first three leaves that had fallen from the trees in the cooler air. They lay on the porch looking shocked and a little indignant for their too early demise.

-A male and female cardinal chasing each other from the dogwood to a neighboring elm.

-My fuzzy cockapoo enjoying himself and looking for blue tailed skinks. (One of his favorite pastimes)

-Spiders spinning webs furiously. This brought a certain amount of consternation in me, as I daily try to keep them off the porch. But I had to admire their tenacity, and I thought about the fact that spiders have to eat too. ;/

Things I heard in the quiet:

-Blissful times of absolute silence. Nothing.

-Occasional cars and trucks passing by on the road

-Neighbors working outside.

-Various insects and crickets

-The tapping of my dog’s toenails on the wooden porch when he tired of searching for the elusive skinks.

-My occasional sighs, as I released tensions that I was holding deep inside.

Things I felt in the quiet:







-God’s presence

Thanks for reading this far. I encourage you to carve out even five minutes of quiet today. See what happens. Or what doesn’t happen, which is sometimes better.

Blessings, Lisa

11 thoughts on “In the Quiet

  1. I will look for some of those thing you found when I venture to my porch today, too. We often think of solitude and empty time as boredom. No! You are so much smarter!!

  2. What a reflective and creative post today! Thank you for beginning my day in such a peaceful way! I loved all your vivid descriptions of what you were hearing and seeing, as you enjoyed that lovely old porch you are so blessed to have. I am definitely going to carve out a time in my day to enjoy the Blessing of Quietness!!!!!

  3. My Quiet time usually drifts me off to sleep. :o)
    Is that an artificial owl on your porch railing? Or is that a family cat? There is nothing that dogs and cats like to do better than to go out on the hunt. I have seen cats wait patiently for hours for a object of their hunting to appear. It is in their ancient make up.
    You know it actually makes me smile to witness anyone do that which they enjoy doing. I know most of your bloggers just love to help others who need us. It is part of that love that surpasses all understanding.

    • Haha! Yes, my quiet times can sometimes do the same. You we’re right….it is a fake owl on the railing. We have many a bird that likes to nest under the roof. Although I love a good bird, I don’t love a bird mess.😂

  4. One of my favorite things to do is sit on my porch and just be. I loved reading about all the things you observed with all of your senses! I watched a bird kindly trimming the frayed edges of our outdoor rug to use in its nest not long ago. It was quite a task trying to figure out how best to detach it from the rest of the rug but the bird was very persistent!

    • Sounds wonderful….it is always amazing to me to see the care and persistence little birds have in getting their homes sorted.❤

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