In the Quiet

I found a few blessed moments of quiet yesterday afternoon on my front porch. (And can I just say that I would love to hug the inventor of front porches? 🙂 )

The things I saw in the quiet:

– Green, green everywhere. So many different shades, so many different shapes. The leaves seem to be riotously enjoying their greenness before the start of autumn.

-The first three leaves that had fallen from the trees in the cooler air. They lay on the porch looking shocked and a little indignant for their too early demise.

-A male and female cardinal chasing each other from the dogwood to a neighboring elm.

-My fuzzy cockapoo enjoying himself and looking for blue tailed skinks. (One of his favorite pastimes)

-Spiders spinning webs furiously. This brought a certain amount of consternation in me, as I daily try to keep them off the porch. But I had to admire their tenacity, and I thought about the fact that spiders have to eat too. ;/

Things I heard in the quiet:

-Blissful times of absolute silence. Nothing.

-Occasional cars and trucks passing by on the road

-Neighbors working outside.

-Various insects and crickets

-The tapping of my dog’s toenails on the wooden porch when he tired of searching for the elusive skinks.

-My occasional sighs, as I released tensions that I was holding deep inside.

Things I felt in the quiet:







-God’s presence

Thanks for reading this far. I encourage you to carve out even five minutes of quiet today. See what happens. Or what doesn’t happen, which is sometimes better.

Blessings, Lisa