A Good Cry

A good cry?  Oxymoron or not?  To me, there is not much better than a good cry….when something moves me so deeply that I must cry.  Extreme beauty, sacrificial love, tenderness, compassion, and yes, an amazing piece of music can reduce me to tears, and I’m glad of it.  Because I feel alive, I feel.  This is one of those songs that welled me up.  It’s much better if you close your eyes when you listen to it.  Let the notes, the beauty of the music take you on a journey.  Blessings, Lisa

3 Things that Constitute a Harper

In the Celtic oral tradition, triads are popular.  These are little nuggets of wisdom grouped in three.  The triad for the day:

3 Things that constitute a harper:

a tune to make you cry,

a tune to make you laugh,

a tune to put you to sleep.

This tune by performed by the Corrs might just help you do all three.  🙂

Slainte, Lisa