Seeing the Tower or Seeing the Story


It’s far too easy when I’m traveling to just focus on the structure, and not really think about the story behind why that structure was built.  The real details of what life was like at that time, in and around that building.  This is Eask Tower outside of Dingle, Ireland.  The 1 mile hike up Carhoo Hill is gentle but persistent.  At the top you are rewarded with amazing views of Dingle Harbour and Connor Pass.

This tower was built in 1847 as a famine relief project, headed up by Rev. Charles Gayer.  The workers produced an amazing and strong structure…16 feet thick walls, rising 39 feet into the air.  The wooden arrow points into the mouth of the blind harbor to help early sailors navigate.  It also served as a lookout tower during WWII.

Imagine living during those days….not enough food for your family, for yourself, months and months of weakness, desperation.  Yet those workers somehow managed to rally the strength to make this.  Things like that always amaze me.

Enjoy your day, and look for the stories.  They’re everywhere.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

*If you are interested in a really good book to give you a small glimpse into what the Irish Famine might have been like, read “Galway Bay” by Mary Pat Kelly.  It stays with you long after you’ve finished it.

The Beauty of Slow and Steady


I love the tortoise in the “Tortoise and the Hare.”  He never gives up…he believes in his little turtle heart that if he doesn’t stop and just proceeds at his slow and steady pace, he has a chance at beating that egotistical rabbit.  You all know the story….rabbit snoozes, overconfident; and that persistent turtle claims the gold medal.  🙂

I have recently begun working out after a long period of not doing so.  Muscles that have lain dormant for probably all of my adult life are now screaming to life, causing me to have to rest a day between workouts in order to go back and do it again.  But I know I need to be a tortoise, to be slow and steady and persistent.  My body will adjust eventually, right?  haha  I realized last night that just a little bit each time is key; trying not to overdo it and paying later is crucial.  And now I’m going to say it, the wonderful phrase you’ve all been waiting for….”Slow and steady wins the race.”  Pray for me that I will be a good little turtle.  😉  Slainte, Lisa

A Story of Love

Our Christmas tree is full of stories, love stories.  As we unpack and hang each ornament, memories flood back with each little bauble.  The M&M guys that Joshua loved as a child, the sparkly snowflakes that Nina made which always lose sparkles each year but still seem to stay nice, the pretty ballerina that Amy looks forward to seeing each year.  I’m sure all of you have your favorite “love story” ornaments…please feel free to share your story.  🙂  Meanwhile, here are some pictures of some of our favorites.  Have fun making memories this weekend.  Slainte, Lisa

"Our First Christmas" - Ed and I bought this together 24 years ago. :)

“Our First Christmas” – Ed and I bought this together 24 years ago. 🙂

An ornament made by my hubby and his mom when he was younger.

An ornament made by my hubby and his mom when he was younger.

The ornament that reminds us Whose birthday it is we're decorating for in the first place.

The ornament that reminds us Whose birthday it is we’re decorating for in the first place.