Sheep Talk, Or We Will Be Gathered

We are going to be gathered…into the beauty that is Ireland in 2013.  🙂  Ed & I have been saving for our 25th anniversary next year.  At first we thought that we should visit some other beautiful parts of the world, like Italy or the Greek Islands.  But the pull was great, and the parts of Ireland that we’ve never seen were greater still, and we knew there was nowhere else we’d rather be. So we’re going back to check out the Northwest…Sligo, Donegal and a few places inland that we’ve yet to explore.  So if any of you locals know of some great places to see, please chime in!

I dearly hope that we have a sheep experience like this one…I laughed so hard watch these sheep run down the hill towards his car.  Enjoy watching these beautiful creatures attempt to see if this guy has any food.  (It’s either that, or the sheep are training for the big marathon. 🙂 )  Slainte, Lisa