Time Machine

If you had access to a reliable time machine, to what time in history would you transport yourself? Vote in the poll below but wait a few moments for it to load. It is taking WordPress a bit of time to load the polls for some reason. Feel free to explain your choice in the comments also. Could make for some interesting discussion. 🙂 Love, Lisa

Nostalgia and Innocence

lawrence welk

I’m feeling nostalgic today, missing the innocence of years past.  I had an awesome dream the other night where I was recruited to sing at the “Lawrence Welk Reunion Show”.  Now some of you are saying, “Who’s Lawrence Welk?”  I grew up watching this show with my parents, sitting on the floor of my family room, listening to Guy & Ralna, the accordion guy Myron, the Champagne Lady Norma Zimmer.  Now, this is a major nerd alert warning, but we actually got to see the cast perform live when I was a child, and they autographed a picture for me afterwards.  I remember everyone smiling and so gracious and patient.  It was quite exciting.  Even now, if I think of the closing song, “Good night, sleep tight, and pleasant dreams to you…” I can get quite choked up.  🙂

lawrencewelk2Now to the sad part of the dream…everyone else that had been recruited as an extra for the Lawrence Welk show didn’t want to be there.  They were complaining that they wished they could sing on something relevant and more cutting edge.  And it made me sad.  Because, yes, sometimes the show (and others of its time period) could be cheesy and corny, but it was innocent and lovely and sweet.  Don’t miss the sweet and lovely and innocent things in your life; they are truly beautiful.  “Adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen….good night!”  Slainte, Lisa