Flying School


“Watch that wing!  Pull your nose up!  Keep on the outlook for fish, and don’t forget….have fun!”  ~Teacher Bird

My three birds are have flown out of their nest into various schools this morning.  Praying for their day to be one of joy and newness and friendship and learning.  And for them to have fun on the journey.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

The Return of the Ents


The Ents…those wonderful, wise, slow-talking trees from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy…When I was growing up and reading (and re-reading) those books, I had a love/hate relationship with the Ent trees.  I always thought, “They are very smart and give good advice.”  But in the same breath I would wish that they would hurry up and say what they were going to say and get on with it.  (Pages and pages of talking trees)  In my life, I am much the same…sometimes I know that I’m probably learning something very wise and valuable, but I’m so impatient that I just want to learn it fast and be done with it.  But anyway, I saw this wonderful tree in the Elizabethan Gardens in Manteo, NC the other day, and immediately the Ents came to mind.  Whatever lesson you and I have to learn today, may we be patient and try to take it in graciously.  🙂  Blessings on your day, Lisa



The older I get, the more I realize how much I don’t know.  Yesterday, my husband casually stated in conversation, “Don’t worry; it’s copacetic.”  Copacetic?  I was convinced that he had made this word up, or that I had misheard him.  “What did you say?” I asked him.  “You know, ‘copacetic;’ everything’s good,” he continued.

In all my years of living and reading, I had never heard this word.  I mean, Ed & I have known each other since we were 14 and have run in basically the same circles, yet he was extremely comfortable in casually using this word in his daily conversation.  Yet copacetic and I were strangers to each other.  I was floored and wierdly excited about this turn of events.  Yes, I am a word geek, truth be told.

Here is the meaning and pronunciation from Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary:

Definition of COPACETIC
: very satisfactory

Examples of COPACETIC

  1. <don’t worry, because I assure you that everything’s copacetic>


origin unknown

First Known Use: 1919
I will now attempt to use it in my caption sentence; here goes…drumroll, please.

When Ed & Joshua are chilling out on the rocks, everything’s “copacetic.”

If you already knew this word, I am amazed yet again.  If this is a new wonderful experience for you, let me know that I am not alone!   Slainte, Lisa