Wings of the Wind

Joshua on Bray’s Head, Ireland. Off in the sea is Skellig Michael, ancient home of a monastery.

“Wings of the Wind”

Who made the water to flow from the mountain?

Birds flying by to nest beside their shores

You made the earth to satisfy Your people

In Your hand, there’s only good

There is the sea, so vast & spacious

Full of more creatures than we could ever know

Who controls the waves & takes care of His people?

You can renew the face of the earth.

Praise You, Lord, oh my soul

Oh Lord my God, You are so great

You wrap Yourself in Light unending

And You ride the wings of the wind

(from Flight of Freedom, c 2012 Lisa Lyons)

I am overwhelmed with His goodness and His creativity.  He makes things beautiful, full of purpose.  And His travels are on the wings of the wind.  Slainte, Lisa

On the Edge of Ireland

My husband felt like he was falling off the edge of Ireland as he got this shot, especially with the fierce wind pushing him in that direction also.  But isn’t it amazing?

Near Bray’s Head, County Kerry

Have a wonderful weekend, filled with long walks, air conditioning if you live near my part of the country, swims, bike rides, great conversation, amazing food, and topped to the brim with lots of God’s love.  Slainte, Lisa