On the Edge of Ireland

My husband felt like he was falling off the edge of Ireland as he got this shot, especially with the fierce wind pushing him in that direction also.  But isn’t it amazing?

Near Bray’s Head, County Kerry

Have a wonderful weekend, filled with long walks, air conditioning if you live near my part of the country, swims, bike rides, great conversation, amazing food, and topped to the brim with lots of God’s love.  Slainte, Lisa

6 thoughts on “On the Edge of Ireland

    • Thanks so much….I took some of them, my husband took some. This one was his…Ireland is filled with photo-ops everywhere you walk.
      Hope you are staying cool wherever you are…it’s 104 here! :/ Lisa

    • Thank you! It’s one of those shots where I freaked out at first, saying, “That’s too dangerous, Ed!”, but then looked at it again and said, “I’m so glad you got that picture.” 🙂

      Have a great day, and thanks for writing!

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