Chaos, Cleaning, Commencing

A pipe burst in our laundry room this weekend. Water everywhere. Workmen in and out. Renovations ahead. Stress, noise, and mess. Romantic anniversary and valentine weekend, huh? 😉

But a wondrous and quite unexpected thing has happened. I am cleaning out the laundry room, the shelves, the mess, the squirreling storage. And as I clean, I find treasures, discard trash, re-evaluate what is needed and what is not.

And I feel free. Lighter, even though I have just begun. A new start. A clean slate.

Hence, the photograph… trash bags sitting beside the beautiful azalea my wonderful husband brought me for our 35th anniversary. Chaos beside the beauty. The commencing of our 36th year together.

I also feel Christ nudging me with the same message. I will help you find a new start, a commencing of sorts, in this mess. Life is hard, yes. Life is messy and stressful, yes. But I have overcome this world.

Blessings to you all. Love, Lisa

6 thoughts on “Chaos, Cleaning, Commencing

  1. Beautiful! This reminds me of a certain tiny flower that forces its way up through the rocks on our driveway ever year…and the first beautiful crocuses that push through the hard earth. Beauty in chaos!! It can bloom anywhere!

  2. Nice to see you back. Early spring cleaning? We have been doing the same thing. My wife’s mother died in 2021 and believe it or not we have been looking into all of the memories she kept over the many years. She was the preverbal church lady. Lots of memories on how God loves us so very much. The Love that surpasses all understanding.

    • Indeed….love that is past all human comprehension. Love that came down here for us, when we didn’t love Him. He is so very good.

  3. This is a beautiful post!! Yes, life is hard and stressful at times but beauty from the ashes can be found, just as you are finding it. God bless you with a wonderful 35th and many more!!!

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