Dingle, Ireland

The place where God and earth and eternity intersect is timelessness and true beauty.

That place can be anywhere where your eyes are open, really open.

It is where your ears hear birds and wind, where your feet itch to keep moving.

Timelessness is the place of the heart, the yearning of the soul, the Voice of God.

Blessings, Lisa

3 thoughts on “Timeless

  1. Listening to Rich Mullins. Sad when I think of such a great singer song writer left us so early. This winter has been hard on a lot of my acquaintances. Most of them were very good servants of the Christ. But it is time for people to stand and be counted as servants as well. There are a lot who are just on the edge of Christianity and need to move into the middle to fill the void left by those who have recently received the promised reward. Blessings to you and Ed.
    Doug Dwyer

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