The Wonder and Bewilderment of a Sneeze

All is quiet. You are sitting there, minding your own business. Suddenly, with very little or no warning, you feel it. It rises up inside you like with a tidal wave of force, no holding it back. Your eyes close unbiddenly. You are sneezing, and there is no way around it.

Why am I writing about sneezes, you ask, and rightly so? The two giant sneezes I had at 11:30 PM last night, after I had been sleeping for an hour. They came on for no apparent reason and sat me straight up in bed. The two giant sneezes my husband had this morning as he made his breakfast, also no apparent reason. This got us talking about sneezes, their power, their slight terror, the weirdness and yet great efficiency they have.

As He designed us, God must have been thinking of how to get rid of foreign objects that happened to come our way. And He came up with a sneeze. Brilliant. I love it. There are so many bizarre and wonderful things God has created. Long giraffe necks, chameleons that change color, prickly squash to keep pests away.

If you are brave, take the survey below. There are all kinds of sneezers out there… husband and I are definitely the loud and scary kind.

Enjoy your Tuesday,


6 thoughts on “The Wonder and Bewilderment of a Sneeze

  1. Well, this post was definitely the most unusual of your writing career, but it was an interesting read, for certain! Never stopped to think that God even created the sneeze, so it is definitely for a purpose and it is good, even though a bi annoying to most of us!!! HA!!!!!

  2. I’ve inherited my Irish father’s sneeze mechanics. Well before Sneeze #13, he’d be swearing up a storm and my mother would be horrified, “It’s only a sneeze!!” I’ve counted 19 of my own before, and son has inherited the fun from me. Unfortunately, he takes it personally in a bad way like his grandfather did. Now, I’m the one who says it’s actually a good thing that God gave us to get rid of things that will otherwise make us sick!

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