Thriving at the Base of an Active Volcano

The Pitons on beautiful St. Lucia, taken by Ed Lyons 2013 on a moving boat

People all over the world live on islands with active volcanoes. Hawaii’s big island, the Canary Islands, the Solomon Islands, St Lucia, St. Kitts and many others in the Caribbean, and the list goes on. These are beautiful places to visit and to live. The people who reside there have learned how to negotiate times of activity and eruption.

Why am I talking about active volcanoes? More and more people today are struggling with the anger and stress that come from the frustration of dealing with an ever-maddening world situation. These stresses and angry feeling build up, and over time, people erupt. I am seeing more and more of this lately, in stores, in people’s driving, in personal interactions. Dealing with people’s anger and eruptions is difficult for an introverted peace-loving person. I do realize, however, that everyone is different, and everyone’s way of resolving conflict is very different. But how does a person such as myself cope with these eruptions and maintain personal peace in the midst of the lava, ash and explosion?

I decided to look at the tips given on the internet for surviving during an active volcano.

-Remain indoors with windows and doors shut until told it’s safe to come out.

-Stay away from areas with heavy ash fall.

-Clear ash from your home and property.

-Get medical care if necessary. (Source:

Here is what I have gleaned from this advice as it pertains to people’s eruptions.

-When people are yelling and erupting, it is best to stay in a removed location. Remove myself from the scene of the eruption until it is over.

-Afterwards, stay away from the triggering topics to avoid getting burned until all is dormant.

-When things are very calm, deal with the issues calmly and try to remove the triggering frustrations or situations. Clear the ash from myself. Keep calm and carry on.

-If I need help in dealing with these eruptions, talk to someone. Get the help I need to survive and thrive.

And most importantly, keep my eyes fixed on the beauty of the volcanic mountain. All people are beautiful and made in the image of God. Those same people who are cutting you off in traffic, snarling at you in the checkout line, hanging up on the customer service phone are people who are in need of love, of acceptance, of salvation. They are hurting people who need God.

People living on a volcanic island usually love it. The beauty of the towering and rugged mountain is inspiring and amazing. It is their home. They have learned to negotiate the hazards safely.

Lord, give me the grace and sight to see everyone as You see them. We are all struggling these days with amazing amounts of stress. Give us Your strength.

Love, Lisa

3 thoughts on “Thriving at the Base of an Active Volcano

  1. What a meaningful and helpful post for our times! Yes, we are all in need of God’s love and grace, as we attempt to navigate this troubled world. Yes, let us pray for God’s wisdom and help because He has the answers we are all seeking. God bless your day and thank you for sharing His love!

  2. So good to have your comments, always wise and concrete, back again, Lisa. Good thoughts today – avoid stress if you can, clean out the ugly and “think on these things” from the Lord all you can. And when you can’t, you try to be a different voice in this chaotic world that, with Christ, can calm and make peace.

  3. Lisa:
    You are so right on about your analogy. I am living next door to a man who is just that way. So angry and so explosive. I would like to say hello and have a conversation, but the least little thing could set him off. Thank you for your thoughts. :o)
    Doug Dwyer

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