Rise Above the Clouds

Take a close look at this photograph taken at Silver Strand beach in Ireland. Let your gaze focus upward. The yellow flowers growing in stone, the sheep grazing above the dangerous precipice?

There are challenging situations all around the flowers and the sheep, but they have moved past them, above them, through them.

Think of an airplane approaching an angry storm, dark lightning-filled clouds. If at all possible, the plane gains altitude and flies above the clouds. It sets its path beyond or around the storm and does not fly through it.

In my life, there are many scary precipices, stony rocks, dark storm clouds. But I do not want to focus on that. I do not want to fly through them anymore. I want to rise above the clouds. I want to soar with wings like eagles. I want to fix my eyes on Jesus Christ, my Savior, my peace.

Life races by at a breakneck pace. Days turn into years at an alarming rate. I want to fly, to grow beautiful flowers, to eat delicious food. I want to laugh, to smile, to love with my whole heart, to see new things, to appreciate the old. I want to live with the best attitude that God can give me. I want to enjoy this beautiful God-given life.

Lord, let me rise above the clouds. Love, Lisa

1 thought on “Rise Above the Clouds

  1. Lisa, of all you many beautiful posts, this one is my very favorite! This is the way we should ALL strive to live……..soaring above all those dark, scary storm clouds in life, knowing our Lord will carry us through! Keep smiling and know you will spread God’s love wherever you go!!!

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