A Tale of Caution

Watch this video of one of our resident hummingbirds, and we’ll talk afterwards. Make sure to have your sound up.

Ok…..what struck you about sweet little Howard the Hummingbird? Was he content and happy, drinking his sweet nectar in the feeder? Or did he seem nervous, agitated, borderline obsessed?

Howard has declared himself the hummingbird bully of the yard. He will not allow any other birds to come near ‘his’ feeder, will body slam them if they do, and sits there giving himself a neck crick constantly looking back and forth for offenders.

What really struck me as I watch him, is that Howard is not happy with his possession. He hardly drinks, he doesn’t fly much except for his body slamming, and he seems paranoid. I feel sorry for Howard. The possession seems to own him.

So, a cautionary tale for yours and my Monday morning. I pray we can enjoy and use and appreciate the things we own, and not obsess over them.

P.S., as a side note, listen to the happy tweeting birds in the background….a peaceful juxtaposition to poor Howard.

P.S.S., I love Howard….I just wish he could relax a bit and be kind to the other guys. 🙂 Love, Lisa

6 thoughts on “A Tale of Caution

  1. Cute one, Lisa!! And a good message, too.
    Howard is very hummingbird-typical, if nutz. All the males are. The only way to help Howard (and the females) is to put up more feeders – one more than the number of Howards you see – far away from Howie. And know that any Hilda’s you attract will sing your praises! Fun.
    But I like the smart lesson you saw in there, too, Lisa. I bet you are appreciating your calming, peaceful oasis even if Howard is obsessive-compulsive. You are so right – we need to sit in God’s love and just drink Him in some days.

    • I am exhausted just thinking about making all the sugar water for more feeders….lol! We have two feeders on different sides of the house, and the little piggy birds go through the water very quickly! Glad you enjoyed the post….birds are fun to watch for sure!

  2. Real food for thought on this Monday, Lisa!! Appreciate all of the many blessings we possess, but not let them become our focus!!! Good advice!!!! Loved the video!!!

  3. Good points. 🙂 Also, after being dive-bombed by a hummingbird last year, and later seeing him popping up repeatedly from *his* bee balm-siphoning to eyeball us on the deck, I read that they can be quite territorial. Well, some sure can be! The bee balm is slow, so I have hung out a nectar feeder — but we’ve only seen 1 hummingbird… I’d better go get another one!

    • They surely are territorial. We have two feeders, one on different sides of the house, but Howard wears himself out patrolling them both. :/

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