Happy/sad. I have referenced that phrase several times lately. Because that is how many of my days lately have been. Don’t be worried. It is not a cry for help, or a sign that I am depressed. As a writer, I enjoy the feeling of happy/sad, as it helps me feel more, experience more, empathize more.

What is happy/sad? Here is my not so exhaustive list, from movie quotes, to songs, to experiences.

-“Your problem is that you’re not happy being sad. But that’s what love is – happy sad.” (Sing Street, 2016)

-The feeling I get listening to “Auld Lang Syne.”

-Watching my husband drive off to work, missing him the minute he leaves, but loving the fact that I love him so much.

-Watching my children grow up into adults, missing those little child hugs, but enjoying our new adult conversations.

-Memories of my dad, now that he resides in heaven. The best of dads, missing him to tears, but so happy because I know we will see each other again.

-Seeing the leaves fall from the trees, the beauty of the colors tinged with the sadness of the bare trees. But knowing that spring will come.

-Remembrances of Christmases gone by, the special doll, the new bicycle. Knowing new memories are being made, every minute, even still. Happy/sad.

I know you all can add to this list, and I would love to hear your happy/sad things. Please comment below. Enjoy all the moments…..happy, sad, and in between. Relish them all. Live and love your life.

Love, Lisa

Here is a great version of “Auld Lang Syne” by Keith Harkin to enjoy.

12 thoughts on “Happy/Sad

  1. What a great label for what we all feel! Happy/Sad about parents who have gone before. Like your wonderful Dad, Lisa, my parents were the light of my life and I miss them. But I am SO glad they are with Jesus! AND I am so glad they are not on this earth now during this virus! I think I may always call it by your title from now on – “Happy/Sad”. Exactly.

  2. Well, this is probably the most beautiful post I have ever read ! I could so identify with each of your examples of happy / sad moments in my own life; and tears were flowing, as I read your remembrances of those happy / sad moments with your dad. All I can say is: Ditto!!! As a mom, I miss the sound of happy laughter echoing through the hallway, but I have been gratified to see the special young women my girls have grown to become. Happy / Sad moments are all part of life, and like you, I will relish them all!

  3. And now I’m having another happy\sad moment also. Sitting at the kitchen table for hours, talking to my mom about anything and everything. Solving the problems of the world with someone who cares.❀

  4. Talking each day to my daughter as a FRIEND is the highlight of my day! We may not solve ALL the problems of this ole world, but we will give it our best shot, and have fun doing it, won’t we?? πŸ™‚

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