CD Arrival


The new CD, An Unexpected Journey, is now available on CD Baby, for physical CDs as well as digital download! Songs for anyone who is struggling with chronic pain, whether physical or emotional.

Amazon and iTunes will have it in a few days….I’ll let you know when they have it added.

If you are having financial hardships, let me know on my contact page, and I’ll send one to you for free.  And if you ever need someone to talk to, please write or comment.  🙂  Love, Lisa

8 thoughts on “CD Arrival

  1. What a lovely CD my sweet friend! I sampled some of the songs! I will be downloading it later. I know you said you’d send me one, but I’d like to support you! Keep fighting the good fight! Much love and prayers to you!

    • Thank you so much, Jennifer!! I know you know what it is to go through pain and to know the very comforting and sustaining love of Jesus. Prayers and love to you! Lisa

      • It’s been a challenging time for sure, but things get better. I’m happier with smaller things now, and that’s good.😊 And I have really seen others’ struggles more clearly….that everyone is going through something.

      • There’s a thing that Dallas Willard said that has stuck with me. Not a direct quote, but basically, in the Kingdom of God, things are much better than we could ever imagine. And the Kingdom of God is here, now, not just a place we go after we die.

        By the way, I listened to Flight of Freedom yesterday morning, on the way to work. Beautiful music, and your voice is amazing.

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