In Your Own Company


It’s a wonderful thing to be at peace in your own company.

I know we need others, to reach out and encourage and help and be there.  But isn’t it a great feeling to come home, to hear the silence envelop you for a moment, to feel the familiar things, sit in your favorite chair with a cup of tea, and just rest alone?

This is all strictly speaking as an introvert, of course; you extroverts out there might be horrified at the mere look of this post.  My only advice is to exit this as quickly as possible.  🙂  Introvert or extrovert, may you truly have a peaceful day, filled with the good gifts that only God can give.

Slainte, Lisa

2 thoughts on “In Your Own Company

  1. Beautiful post! It is so important to be able to able to find that peace within yourself, whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, in my humble opinion. Good to be comfortable in your own skin!

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