One Step


How did this sheep scale this seemingly unscalable cliffside?  One step at a time.  (And one bite of evidently delicious Irish grass at a time.)


Big note to self.

Which leads me to your Tuesday blessing for the day:

As you tread the path you’re given, may you have lovely nibbles along the way.  🙂

Slainte, Lisa

*Lovely cliff found at Silver Strand, County Donegal

6 thoughts on “One Step

  1. Awesome cliff! One step at a time and one day at a time….that’s how it’s done in life! May you have some of those “lovely nibbles” of the good stuff along your path today!

  2. Lisa, I often enjoy your beautiful photos and encouraging comments. This entry is no different. I can’t help but wonder, however, if this particular sheep was already on the top of the cliff and wandered downward. The terrain seems much flatter near the top, so this seems more likely to me.

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