Rock Pictures


I love to look at clouds and find the pictures in them….a bunny, a duck, etc.  So quickly….look at this rock and tell me what you see below in the comments.  No wrong answers!  🙂  Best test ever!  Slainte, Lisa

7 thoughts on “Rock Pictures

    • I love the contrast of the rock versus the sand there in the Soup Bowl. Sand shifts, rocks stay. Have an awesome afternoon!

  1. This looks like the backside of a baby chicken. How is that rock still standing? Seems like one push would bring it down.

    • Awesome answer! I think it looks like the face of a man looking up towards the sun. But now I totally see the baby chick thing. This picture was taken in
      the Soup Bowl beaches of Barbados. So many awesome HUGE rocks sitting all along the beach, just looking like they’re ready to roll over.

  2. I see the face of an animal looking to the right. The right eye is visible and the nose. Below the nose is a white line for its smile. At the right-bottom is its chin.

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