What’s Around the Corner?


None of us know what’s around the corner until we step forward and keep going.  Good or bad, it’s our life and life is full of learning.  As we travel through, around, beneath, and atop, we will discover many things.  Beauty, joy, and peace are the things my soul longs for. God has placed these things in the smallest of leaves, the intricacy of cloud formations in the sky, the amazingness of rocks that somehow hold together for hundreds of years.  His love for me is written in the sky, and in the earth He created, and on His hands and feet.  I just have to remember to keep looking.  I would love to hear from you how you see and hear God the best.   Slainte, Lisa

5 thoughts on “What’s Around the Corner?

  1. I definitely see God the best in the sky! So many beautiful colors were there this afternoon, when the weather began to clear. God can paint quite a picture to lift our spirits and brighten our day, and i am always grateful when he does!

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