Your Feel-Good Video of the Day

Watch this sweet dog and great dolphin swim and play together….it will start your day off right with a smile on your face.  🙂  The TV reporter says they do this a lot; I would love to have seen the first time…..I guess the dog was out swimming and the dolphin came to play.  Love it!  Slainte, Lisa

5 thoughts on “Your Feel-Good Video of the Day

  1. What a great and especially meaningful video!!!! Of course, you must know that the doggie reminded me so much of your wonderful Fritz, both in color and his sweet face! It made me think that this video helped us envision just what Fritz’s life is like right now up in heaven, and that is a mighty good picture to carry in our minds and hearts today and every day!

    • Yes, although I don’t think he’d be swimming….he never liked swimming too much! 🙂 He liked sniffing on the shore more.

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