The Imperfect Can Sometimes Rock



When it comes to old castles, our family likes them less perfect, and more, well, imperfect.  The perfect castles tend to come complete with tour guides and the admission cost that tends to come with them.  (Although I’m mixed on that…those admission costs could help in keeping these wonderful old castles intact for another generation to enjoy.)  But we love to explore these wonderful rocks on our own sometimes, and just imagine.  🙂  Don’t miss the beauty in the imperfect.  Blessings, Lisa

“Grace makes beauty out of ugly things.”  – U2, “Grace,” ATYCLB

4 thoughts on “The Imperfect Can Sometimes Rock

  1. If we were to relate this concept to us humans, it is indeed good that perhaps some beauty can be seen in us, as well, knowing how imperfect we all are!! Love, Ann

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