Layers of Beauty

Beauty, the beauty that is all around us if we look, is usually in layers.  The obvious, the subtle, and the hidden.  I always get excited when my busy self slows down long enough to discover the subtle and occasionally, God’s hidden gems.

Reencaheragh Strand, Ireland

Reencaheragh Strand, Ireland

In this picture, the obvious beauties are the cliffs, rocks and sky.  The subtle are the far hills, the green fields.  The hidden are the tiny tide pools in between all the rocks that we explored, the way the sun makes diamonds on the water, the unexpected fishing boat that appeared later that day around the cliff.  But everyone sees it differently, and even that is a treasure.  🙂  Praying for God to truly open my eyes today to the beauty of all kinds today.  And praying that for you as well.  Blessings, Lisa

8 thoughts on “Layers of Beauty

  1. You’re in the ideal place to find all the “hidden beauty” God has created out there, but I’m going to look for some of it here today. too! Great way to live our lives!!! Ann

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