Poor C3PO


Saw this C3PO stuck in a box of Heavenly Soft tissues in a taxi cab the other week.  Wasn’t sure what to do in order to attain his freedom from this soft cushiony jail, other than  take his picture, post it on the blog, and raise awareness for him.  So if you see him, see what you can do.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

2 thoughts on “Poor C3PO

  1. Well – that is interesting. Maybe he is the guy that keeps messing with peoples” lives. Just when you think that everything is as it should be, he keeps popping up. Like how innocent can it be to get a tissue? Then he jumps up and grabs you. Happened to me yesterday at the doctor’s office. I guess the best way to look at is to know that eventually you will get a clean tissue. ( Unless he crapped in the box.)

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