Looking for Joy & Finding Sparkles

“You have to look for the joy.  Look for the light of God that is hitting your life, and you will find sparkles you didn’t know were there.”      -Barbara Johnsonsurf

May God bless you with many sparkles of joy today.  Slainte, Lisa

“Joy” by Lisa Lyons, Flight of Freedom

www.amazon.com    www.cdbaby.com/cd/lisalyons

6 thoughts on “Looking for Joy & Finding Sparkles

  1. Do you think that the “diamonds in the rough” that sometimes occupy our thoughts and life’s will ever turn into sparkly gems? I guess if God can turn coal into diamonds that hope springs eternal.

    • Wow, what a great question. I sure hope so…I sure do have enough of that coal rumbling around in my head sometimes. But sometimes it just takes me stepping back for a few minutes and trying to see some sort of good that might come of the mess. (although that takes considerable imagination and energy which I sometimes don’t have…lol) Thanks for the thought-provoking response. Lisa

  2. The beautiful sparkles on your ocean scene and the lovely Irish song, by my favorite Irish “singer of songs,” added many happy sparkles to my day!!! Thank you, Lisa! Ann

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