The Bird Making Bad Choices, or the Bird Needing Glasses

I saw this picture on yesterday, and it cracked me up.  This bird obviously did not see the sign properly, or he just decided to disregard the rule and see what happened if he sat there.  I’m guessing that nothing happened, and now all the birds will be doing it today.  Where will it all end?  Birds will be sitting on signs everywhere.  Have a good day, and watch out for those crazy birds.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

rebel bird

7 thoughts on “The Bird Making Bad Choices, or the Bird Needing Glasses

  1. I hate to sound skeptical, but that picture has GOT to be photoshopped. The outline of the ‘real’ bird and the outline of the bird on the sign are EXACTLY the same. Also look at the birds feet…although there is a little overlap, his talons are not show to be gripping it at all. (The birds feet are relatively flat, so it would be REALLY easy to place him on the sign.) I think, and I could be wrong, that someone took a picture of that bird and then noticed how eerily similar it was to the sign bird and decided to make a funny picture.
    P.S. The sign picture appears to be taken with a higher quality camera or resolution than the bird.

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