Oversleeping: A Tale of Contentment and Consternation

The Setting:  A dark, rainy, overcast, soft morning

The Scene:  All occupants of the house are blissfully sleeping, happy and snug in their nice warm beds under mounds of blankets.

The Precipitating Moment:  Youngest occupant of the house awakens, which alerts the other sleeping people of life past the bedcovers.

Pinnacle of the Action:  Oldest occupants glance casually at the clock and discover, that, oh my goodness, they have seriously overslept!

Predictable and Cliched Outcome:  Mad clash of running around, skipping morning routines, racing heartbeats, leading to eventual calming as bus is made, truck takes off for work.

Lesson Learned:  Double check alarm tonight.  🙂

Have a peaceful and hopefully un-consternated day.  Slainte, Lisa



8 thoughts on “Oversleeping: A Tale of Contentment and Consternation

    • I’m smiling now, but about 90 minutes ago, I was a sorry sight to see. :/ Hope you’re having a good day. Take care. 🙂

    • Good advice….maybe I’ll fire up the frappe machine (not warm, but oh so good. 🙂 ) Have a great day, Cathy! Love, Lisa

    • Isn’t it funny how things that are sometimes NOT so funny end up great stories in the end? That happens to Ed & I a lot. 🙂

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