Bridge over Not So Troubled Water

This picturesque bridge is five minutes from my home in Virginia.  Cars actually drive across this part of the river, as it is part of the road, but if the water gets too high, they can park and walk to their homes.  Wow…talk about a tough commute.  🙂  I thought it would be fun to play the “what do you focus on in the picture?” game again, as all of you have such different and interesting ways of looking at things.  Don’t be shy….let the comments begin!  I’ll let you know my focal point after hearing from some of you.  May God bless your day with smooth waters and bridges with which to cross them.  Slainte, Lisa

10 thoughts on “Bridge over Not So Troubled Water

  1. The little rapids formed by the water going over the edge of the road drew my attention first. Then I wonder why there was a pothole prior to entering the water. Actually I liked the little lane going up the hill.

    • Up the road to the left is a very gravelly and bumpy mountain road and to the right is a paved country road leading to some farms. Thanks for writing, and you have a blessed day also!

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