Flying With My Dad



Final approach into Bayse, Bryce Ski Resort

Final approach into Bayse, Bryce Ski Resort

Bryce Airport

Bryce Airport

When I was younger and still living at home, my dad took flying lessons and got his private pilot’s license.  It was thrilling to think of my dad up there flying around, and we couldn’t wait for him to be able to officially take us up for the first time.  He had a little Cessna 4-seater, and it was perfect.  Dad & Mom up front, my sister and I in the tiny backseat.  That little plane would take off, and magically we’d be soaring up in the sky with the birds and the clouds and landing in places like Bryce Ski Resort for dinner, or sometimes just the neighboring airport.  It didn’t matter too much where we went; it was how we got there that made it amazing.  And the fact that my dad was flying us there made him super-cool and made us all feel super-safe.  One time I got to fly with Dad alone, and he let me take the wheel for a little while.  Amazing memories.  And amazing how the fun things that parents do, stick with their children for a lifetime.  🙂  Thanks, Dad, and thanks, Mom, for being cool enough to let him fly.    Love, Lisa

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