The Art of Busking

On any given day on Grafton Street in Dublin, if you pay attention, there are talented (and not so talented) street performers, or buskers.  (or in New York, Moscow, and even Charlottesville, VA for that matter)  People who just want to sing, or play, or perform, and they’re not waiting for an inside venue or traditional booking.  They just put themselves out there, play or sing their heart out, and hope for the drop of some money into their cases or hats afterwards.  As a musician, I am fascinated by busking; I’ve always wanted to try it, but have been hesitant.  I mean, what if everyone just walks by and no-one listens?  What does that do to you as a performer?  I think it takes a brave and fearless type person to busk, and I admire them.  🙂

These two pictures show two groups that we saw in Dublin.  The “statue” guys would freeze into a position and hold it as long as it took.  As soon as someone dropped a coin or money into their jar, they would move into their next frozen spot.  People would talk to them and try to get them to laugh or move, but these guys were good.  We watched them a long time, and talked with them when they went on break.  They had worked and backpacked their way all across Europe just by performing their act on the city streets in the country they were in.  Super cool.


This duo called themselves “BML” and performed well-known songs on dual electric fiddles.  They were very accomplished, and sold quite a few of their CD’s in the 15 minutes that we watched them.

So, who knows, one of these days maybe I’ll work up the courage to take myself to the Charlottesville downtown mall, and set up my stuff and sing away.  Or maybe not.  🙂  Slainte, Lisa

2 thoughts on “The Art of Busking

  1. The store fronts are what you could expect to find in many locations. But, the streets and sidewalks are unique and different. Cobblestone?? , or just brick? Whichever they are, it certainly adds character to the characters.

    • You’re right…the sidewalks are character-filled. Grafton Street is just like Ch’ville’s downtown mall…closed street to autos, dedicated to shopping, retaurants.

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