Two Sheep

Here are two lovely sheep, one which is all white, and one with a black face.  Although I feel that the white sheep is nice looking and exceedingly content in eating her grass, my preference is definitely for the black-faced sheep.  I love contrast, and the black and white together is wonderful.  I also love that these two sheep are hanging out together, oblivious to their differences.  (And, so into their dinner that they don’t mind a close-up photograph :))

The contrasts in this life make life so much more rich and full.  A brilliant sun breaking through a cloudy day.  A beautiful voice singing as they stock the shelves in Walmart.  A yellow apple in the midst of all the red ones.  The first shoots of green grass re-emerging after the winter amidst the brown.  An unexpected hug coming in the midst of a hard day.

May your day have beautiful contrasts and differences and quirks.  Enjoy them! Slainte, Lisa

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