Blessings and Small New Starts

The end of Labor Day, and summer, and a new start to school, to work, to life.  These transitions after a holiday are always a little exciting, and a little nerve-wracking.  It takes the body and the mind a little time to adjust to new things, and for me, the more excited I can get about something, the better it usually goes.

That’s why I like this Irish saying/blessing:

“May God bless the work.  Let’s begin in the name of God.”

This picture is of a wonderful man from county Kerry, who worked in the Gap of Dunloe back in 2001.

His horse’s name is Billy Boy, and he loved that horse.  He loved his job.  He seemed so content and happy taking us through those beautiful hills, the kind of quiet contentment that radiates through a person.  As we would approach a hill, we would all get out to walk, and he would whisper encouragement to that horse all the way to the top.  I’m glad I have this picture to remind me of him and his love for what he did.

So, whatever you are doing today, it can be a small new start, a chance to give glory to God with what your hands find to do.  May God bless the work.  Slainte, Lisa

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