Pass On the Tune

Irish music is an oral tradition, passed on through the generations, learned by listening and doing.  Here is a dear man who sat outside of the Rock of Cashel in County Cork, playing his accordian joyfully for the passersby.  Joshua was fascinated, and this generous soul invited him to sit down and play awhile with him.  It didn’t matter that Joshua had never played an accordian in his life; this man’s open and sharing spirit encouraged Joshua to feel as if he could.  As my little guy pushed keys and squeezed away, the man nodded in time and tapped his foot.  What a wonderful thing, and what a wonderful memory.

Share what you love to do with some little soul today, and watch their sweet face.  Pass on your tune.  Slainte, Lisa

2 thoughts on “Pass On the Tune

    • Liz…thank you so much! The encouragement is greatly appreciated. I have always been a planner, looking ahead too much. As I am getting older, God is really helping me to realize that I need to live more in the moment, and see the little things. And I still fail at that alot, but God is good and He will continue to make me more like Him. Have a wonderful day yourself! Lisa

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