Don’t Forget Your Wellies

Not many “what to pack” guides mention the wellies, or wellingtons, or mudboots, or whatever you choose to call them.  But we wore them almost everyday in Ireland, and turned what could have been a “look at those shoes” moment into “so what, it’s just your mudboots” kind of thing.

This is Amy’s first day exploring in the fields of County Kerry, and the lovely green field is also filled with deep oozing mud holes and many reminders of the previous cow visitors.  My older two children had already made it to the castle ruin in record time, leaving Amy & I in their dust, as we carefully tried to pick our way onto any relatively dry grass.  After we had sunk into about our fourth deep mud pit, we gave up, and were thankful for those wellies.

Enjoy your one-of-a-kind day!  Slainte, Lisa

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