Waiting for the Wind

Facing the wind near Tir na Nog

You don’t have to wait very long in Ireland to feel the wind.  Yes, there are calm still days.  But the weather in Ireland changes rapidly, and these changes are usually brought about by the wind.  My family and I were attempting to walk Rossbeigh beach and reach the fabled land of Tir Na nOg,  According to local legend, Oisin and Niamh rode their white horse into the sea to reach the land of eternal youth on this strip of wide beautiful sand.  The wind was blowing so fiercely on this particular day that we could not push our car doors open when we arrived.  We thought about giving up the adventure and going home to our nice warm cottage, but we were here, and there was the beach.  So we pushed again and made it out of the car.  Amy, my youngest, held on to my hand tightly as the wind buffeted us.  Bundled up in hats and coats, we leaned into the wind and tried to walk.  We made it about five or ten minutes, and not very far, when we finally surrendered our quest for Tir Na nOg.  Turning around, the wind pushed us VERY quickly back to the car.  It was comical, but showed us all the power of the wind.

Wind brings change, wind can be clearing or terrifying, sometimes both.  After being in the wind, shelter seems more precious.  Wind can propel you quicker or push against you harder, depending on whether you fight it or not.  I wrote a song a long time ago about God’s Wind, the wind of His Spirit that carries me, that sustains me.

“Please hear my prayer, Lord; let my cry come to Thee.  Do not hide Thy face from  me; I need You.  I lie awake nights, like a lonely bird in flight waiting for the wind that leads him home.”  (“Waiting for the Wind”, c 1996 Lisa Lyons, based on Psalm 102)

Have a blessed day.  Slainte, Lisa

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