The Bovine Ladies of Portmagee

These cows are the cows of a certain Portmagee, Ireland farmer.  These cows are unafraid and unwaveringly trusting of that farmer.  In the three weeks that we stayed next door, we watched these cows walk up and down the roads, going from one field to another, never checking for oncoming cars, just assuming that they will stop.  And the cars always did, sometimes for 10 minutes at a time.

This post is really part two of my prior “Leap of Faith” posting.  These wonderful mooing bovines had so much faith in their “shepherd.”  (Yes, I realize they’re not sheep, but you get what I’m getting at…)  Their leader said move out of this field, and they do.  He knows that there is better and newer grass over yonder; the cows don’t know that, but they trust him and go.  Now, the interesting part….we are smarter than these sweet cows, right?  Yet, God will try to lead me and I resist.   I pull against the change and plant my feet wide in protest.  May God be patient with me, and help me to trust and not fear.

Slainte, Lisa

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