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As a writer, I have two voices. The one that is my best or aspirational self, the one that tries to encourage and uplift. But I also have another writing voice. My brutally honest, venting, cathartic voice, that doesn’t hide the difficulties of life. Outside of this blog, this is the one I have been needing to use lately in my writing.

I have been struggling to write, because these two voices are fighting. Trying to find my real voice, while not being a Debbie Downer, is a challenge. Because writing, or art, or music, is nothing if it is not honest. But all of us, including me, need to be encouraged and lifted up with words, not dragged down.

Where is the truth and honesty and cohesiveness in all this? I think by acknowledging that we are complex creatures created by God to have many different emotions. Happy, sad, confused, excited, angry, hopeful, distant, loving. We have good days, bad days.

So here it is today….just words that are grasping for honesty. Words that are saying that I don’t know all the answers to anything, but I know the God who does. Words that are attempting to lift up someone else who is struggling to stay positive during all this mess, just by stating something that maybe they are feeling.

Truth. Honesty. There is beauty in that, even if it is hard beauty.

Love, Lisa

Feeling, Seeing, Hearing, No Words

This isn’t quite me, yet! ūüôā

Some mornings you wake up, ready to write your new blog.¬† You log on, and stare at the “Add New Post” heading.¬† Nothing.¬† No theme or topic pops up into your mind.¬† Uh-oh…it’s going to be a picture only or a video day, you say to yourself.¬† But, rebelliously, you don’t want that; you want to write something.¬† You look around…blue skies, green trees, bright sunshine.¬† All very beautiful and inspiring.¬† You hear amazing music in your mind, and words and musical textures swirl around, waiting to be discussed at large on the blog.¬† Still nothing.¬† You feel a myriad of feelings, some good, some grateful, some confused and anxious.¬† But you don’t want to share all of that today.

So I continue to stare, and mindlessly type these words, and this is what you get.

Yeah, buddy.

“Sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don’t.”¬† (Almond Joy commercial, 1970’s)

“We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groans that words cannot express.”¬† (Romans 8:26b)

Enjoy your day, feeling, seeing and hearing…even if you have no words to express it all.¬† Slainte, Lisa

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